Hello, I’m Emily Maguire, and my journey from my childhood in Auburn, Washington, to becoming a beloved radio personality is one of ambition and following my dreams.
From a young age, I knew I wanted to make my mark in radio. At just 13 years old, I persuaded a DJ to let me introduce a song on air. The rush of hearing my voice resonating through the airwaves as I announced Skee-lo’s timeless hit, “I Wish,” sparked a profound love affair with radio that continues to this day. Over the course of my career, I’ve connected with listeners along the entire west coast – and beyond, thanks to the advent of streaming. I’ve been blessed with many incredible opportunities, from giving away new cars to sending contest winners on unforgettable global adventures, flying in the Rolling Stones blimp to being in two movies with Will Ferrell. I cherish the connections forged through the magic of radio.
When it comes to music, my favorite ZZU artist is the incredible P!nk. Her powerful and inspiring songs speak to my soul. I wish I was a fraction as bad@$$ as her. Though I once chased down a mugger in San Francisco—in heels! Thankful I’m here to tell the tale. These days I’m much more content in flats, enjoying the company of my family and close friends. Traveling with my loved ones, engaging in energetic mom dancing sessions, practicing Pilates, and enjoying wine nights with my girlfriends bring me immense happiness.
I’m thrilled to be a part of the ZZU family! I am excited to connect with fellow Washingtonians, enjoy modern hit music with you, and make new memories together!

You can hear Emily on ZZU, Monday-Friday 10a-3p

Call or Text: 509-441-0929