Christmas Wish – FAQs

What is Christmas Wish?
Christmas Wish is a program that started in 1995 by Dave Sposito and Ken Hopkins.  Dave, Ken & Molly are now beginning their 25th year of Christmas Wish.  The purpose of the program is to provide needy families in the community with goods and services they may need at Christmastime.  For some families this may mean paying an overdue utility bill, a set of snow tires for another, baby items or food for yet another.  The Christmas Wish program attempts to make Christmas a bit brighter for those families who have fallen on hard times due to illness, layoffs, financial difficulties or other trying circumstances.

How can I nominate a needy family?
Friends, family members, coworkers and other concerned individuals can nominate a needy family or individual(s) via letter or through our on-line nomination area, beginning approximately November 15th of each year.

How do I or my company make a tax deductible donation?

There are two primary ways to make a donation to Christmas Wish.

First, a tax deductible donation can be made by writing a check payable to either “Christmas Wish” or “KXLY Community Partners Foundation.”  Christmas Wish is one of the community charitable programs of KXLY Community Partners Foundation.  Our Federal tax ID number is 20-1033634.  The address of KXLY Community Partners Foundation is 500 W. Boone Ave, Spokane, WA  99201.

Second, we can now accept credit card donations on-line.  This secure link is active throughout the year.

How is the KXLY Community Partners Foundation Set Up?
The TV and Radio stations of KXLY have been involved in community charitable programs, events and fund raisers for the last fifty years.  Christmas Wish and Coats 4 Kids are some of the more recent programs KXLY has been significantly involved in.  Others include Bloomsday, Junior Bloomsday, Centennial Trail, Race for Women, Children’s Miracle Network, Broomsday, Family First, Miss School, Miss Out and Child Abuse Prevention Day.

Several years ago KXLY ownership and top management concluded that in order to increase and improve our community charitable participation a not-for-profit organization with 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status should be formed.  Effective August 11, 2004, the IRS determined that KXLY Community Partners Foundation (KCPF) is exempt from Federal Income Tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  KCPF is also a registered nonprofit corporation with the State of Washington, UBI #601-918-031.

How can I donate money to Christmas Wish?
Donations can be made throughout the year to the Christmas Wish Fund at Spokane Federal Credit Union.
During the actual Christmas Wish campaign (approximately Nov 15- Dec 15) donations can be made at any of the donation locations which are listed on the Christmas Wish Home Page.  Various fundraisers are also held throughout the campaign and the year where donations can be made.  Checks and money orders can be mailed at any time to:  Christmas Wish, 500 W. Boone, Spokane, WA 99201.

How do I know if the wish I submitted will be granted?
Christmas wishes are granted both on the air and off the air.  Approximately 20-25 wishes are granted on the air and often several hundred receive a gift certificate for grocery items through the mail.  Due to work schedules and other logistics we often do not know until the day before which family will be chosen for the next day.

Is my cash donation tax deductible? (whole explanation of 503-c)
Yes!  Because Christmas Wish falls under the umbrella of the KXLY Community Partners Foundation your cash donation is tax deductible.  We will provide you with a receipt as documentation of your cash donation.  Please consult your financial adviser or tax preparer for exact details.

Can I donate items instead of cash?
Yes!  If you or your business has merchandise, goods or services you would like to donate you can do so by calling KZZU Radio Promotions at 329-4316.  If the items are suitable for Christmas Wish, a time can be arranged for the items to be dropped off at the station or we can also arrange for a pickup at your home or business.  A receipt for your tax purposes can be generated at that time.

Can I do my own fundraiser at work or school and then donate the money?
Yes!  Many schools, daycares, businesses and other organizations raise money for Christmas Wish each year.  Some organizations make it a tradition at Christmastime to raise money for Christmas Wish.  Whether it’s ten dollars or a thousand dollars every donation makes a difference.

How can my business become a Christmas Wish Sponsor?
Please contact our Christmas Wish department at 329-4316 to find out how your business can become a Christmas Wish Sponsor.

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