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Molly Allen

25 Random Facts


1. I love airplanes!
2. I have a son named Jake who we adopted at age 10.
3. I think that I may be in love with my dog, Romeo. 
4. I love my job...everyday!
5. I am going through my second divorce.
6. With a little luck, children everywhere will be performing my play, "The Day Spring Wouldn't Come Out".
7. I was on the game show "The Weakest Link".
8. I have the greatest family in the world.
9. My PMS can be so bad that murder is an option (until the next day, and then I am really glad that I
didn't do it!).
10. I hate bad service...there is no excuse for it!
11. I used to be so afraid of the dentist that I waited 10 years to go. But now I am really ok with it.
12. I miss doing theater, but am afraid to audition.
13. I got two tickets in the first 6 months of driving but none since. I visited Europe 4 times before I was
21 but not since.
14. School was the worst part of my life...graduation day was the start of everything.
15. Even with a gun pointed at my head I couldn't explain the stock market.
16. I once threw my back out while I was stealing a mattress from a dumpster 
17. I do a "monster check" before bed every night.
18. I learned to ride a horse before I learned to ride a bike.
19. I am afraid of the ocean and the dark and thunderstorms.
20. I am happiest when everyone has eaten.
21. Pepper is the devil's work! There is no good reason for it...and raisins should go away too.
22. When I am sad, I watch the Brady Bunch! It always helps.
23. When I was young I had one best friend...that was all I needed. Stacy and I are still friends 30 years later.
24. I have built my life around is part of everything I do and have.
25. I don't have any tattoos but my I like them!