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25 Random Things


1. I have lived in, worked, or visited 42 out of the 50 United States of America. I have NOT been to Alaska, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, Idaho, Maryland, North Carolina, and South Carolina.
2. On many, many days, I eat a soft chicken taco from Senor Froggy with a diet Dr. Pepper. I do this alone in my parked takes about 4 minutes. 
3. I watched every episode of “Late Night with David Letterman” for the first 11 years.
4. On most days... I eat ice cream. At LEAST 300 days a year.
5. When I was 10 years old... I had over 100 pet rats.
6. There have only been 22 months in my whole life where there wasn’t a cat living in my home.
7. I think Eckhart Tolle is brilliant.
8. The nicest thing a person can say to me is... "I heard you on the air this morning..."
9. In 4th grade, kids made fun of me by calling me "Nixon Nose."
10. In a charity basketball game, I fell on the ball and cracked a rib.
11. I once had a blood alcohol level of .285 (more than 3 times the legal limit).
12. I love watches.
13. There is not a day that goes by... when I don’t think about my mom. We lost her just over a year
ago (2/27/08).
14. I was almost impeached as ASB Treasurer in high school.
15. I can usually tell you where I was and give specific details about every Superbowl game ever played.
16. I have been a "best man" 5 times, all before I was married. 
17. I have nicknames for every member of my family (pets too)... and rarely call them by their real names.
18. At the end of the day... I can tell you how the stock market did (I check it at least 4 times a day).
19. I have learned more from my wife  than any other person I have ever known.
20. No matter how much success comes my way... it's still so much better seeing my kids do well.
21. I actually TWO jobs that I love ... Radio and Real Estate.
22. I once got knocked out in a high school football game.
23. Going back 10 years ... I would have NEVER thought that I would LOVE reading and playing golf as much as I do. I used to mock I LOVE both.
24. I remember graduation night... I was very sad... I honestly thought life couldn’t get any better than what I had in high school. I am so glad that I was wrong. Very wrong.
25. EVERYDAY I realize how blessed I am. My wife, my family, my professional life, my friends.
P.S. Can you spot the intentional error in one of my facts?